Alderney Wreckdiving 2008

Together with Marc, we went for an extended weekend to Alderney, one of the British islands near the French coast.

Purpose of the trip : Diving on the wreck of a 16th century British warship. See also : Alderney Wreck and BBC Timewatch

We were guests of Pim and Angel, a wonderful couple and owners of the expedition ship Commandant Fourcault

Enjoy the pictures !

Location of the project


Deurne Airport


Who said "don´t bring too much luggage !" ?


Flight map Normandy


French coast




American War Cemetary, Normandy


Alderney runway approach


Anita & Marc at Alderney Airport


Alderney airport : arrivals & customs


the 'Commandant Fourcault' : great ship with a great crew !


Diving deck


Underwater archaeological survey map of the 'Elisabethan Wreck'


Danny & Marc at the salvaged 17th century cannons

Wouter ready to dive


a ride to the dive site


Marc finished his second dive


Wouter is ready to come aboard

almost there

Life is good


any comments on red crocs ?


Hugging & feeding allowed !


Great ship & chopper !


Alderney Harbour


Time to go


Look mum, I'm flying !!